AI-driven cyber security moves closer with Darktrace partnership

Kenn Larkin, Agile Networks, Shane Hutton, Darktrace, Sean Nolan, Agile Networks, Owen Walton, Darktrace, Tyler Barwood, Darktrace

Dublin, Thursday, 13th July 2023:   Agile Networks, Ireland’s leading independent network integrator and cloud services provider, today announced a partnership with cyber security disruptor, Darktrace to bring its vision of a secure, AI-driven enterprise one step closer.

Under the terms of the deal, Agile Networks will become an official partner for Darktrace products in Ireland, which deliver a cross-platform, bespoke, always-on, and continuously evolving cyber security solution to organisations of all sizes.

Darktrace customers benefit from unified and bespoke cyber security protection across email, cloud, IoT, and network.

Commenting on the move, Kenn Larkin, CEO with Agile Networks said:

“What attracted us to Darktrace is its Self-Learning AI capability, which establishes the ‘normal pattern of life’ for each user on the corporate network.  Over time, it builds an in-depth picture of what business operations look like day-to-day and based on mathematical models can then spot subtle deviations from the norm, indicative of a vulnerability or threat. Understanding traffic patterns for each user is the key to interrupting the full range of cyber threats, from ransomware attacks to insider breach.”

“The accreditation of Agile Network as a formal Darktrace partner recognises the team’s deep expertise in designing, building and supporting AI-driven networks to deliver secure experience-first networking,” said Tyler Barwood, channel manager with Darktrace for UK and Ireland.

“We have already established a very positive working relationship with Agile Networks. This level of immediate synergy is hard to come by and we look forward to delivering the type of next generation cyber resiliency that customers in Ireland demand.”

Sean Nolan, business development manager for public sector with Agile Networks believes the combination of Agile’s firewall services together with Darktrace’s AI-powered portfolio offers clients a dual layer of protection across every interaction in their organisation’s digital ecosystem.

“Unlike firewall technology, which depends on signature-based algorithms that simply block north/south malware, Darktrace’s granularity also prevents east/west or lateral spread through the network.  Traffic patterns, which don’t meet the ‘normal pattern of life’ are quarantined while the user can continue to work uninterrupted.  We see this as a game-changer for so many organisations.”

Early proofs of concept for Darktrace deployments have proven successful.  The Agile team were able to prevent lateral network spread of a ransomware attack mid-stream at a major educational institution, protecting thousands of staff and students from countless hours of disruption.


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