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Extend Zero Trust Principles to Cloud Architecture

Protect Cloud Workloads

You trust that your applications are secure. But applications can sometimes contain errors that attackers can use to exploit to steal data or disrupt operations.

Juniper Cloud Workload Protection, delivered by Agile Networks is the newest part of our Zero Trust Data Center architecture, providing a safety net to protect application workloads against exploits, including
zero-days in both on-premises and cloud environments.

Protect your digital assets with the Juniper Connected Security approach, which converges networking and security on-premises and in the cloud, securing data transactions from client to workload.

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Juniper Cloud Workload Protection, delivered by Agile Networks connects
and protects applications in any cloud while ensuring great user
experiences. If you work in DevOps, DevSecOps or are a member of our organisation’s data centre infrastructure team, talk to us today about Juniper Networks’ vSRX.

Centralise all of you security policies in one place

If you're currently a Juniper SRX customer, you can use Security Director to harmonise security policies both on premise and in the cloud.

Automatically respond to security threats

Automated response mitigates security risk. We know from experience that most security breaches happen at the end of the week or at the weekend. With automated response, our security appliance can report back to Juniper's Security Director and Policy Enforcer to isolate the threat automatically.

Save money on your Microsoft storage account and centralise your security logging

If you purchase a Microsoft firewall and you turn on logging – you can only log to a Microsoft storage account. This can get very expensive very quickly. With a vSRX you can log into your on premise Log Collector and harmonise the logs from all of your SRXs both physical and virtual.

To avoid false positives, Juniper Cloud Workload Protection automatically creates a DNA map of each application at runtime.

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