Join our Live Webinar

Thursday, 30th July at 3pm

We now have a distributed workforce like never before. And many of those employees are returning to the workplace having used less robust home networks to perform daily computing tasks in the previous months.

With this explosive growth and increasing application access demands from myriad locations and devices, it’s critical to have a unified security architecture that can protect your digital assets, even in a multi-cloud environment.

Introducing Connected Security, which uniquely protects your business, unifying all your network elements into a threat-aware network. It dynamically enforces security policies across every point of connection, leaving you with a much smaller attack surface.

During the session, we’ll explore;

  • How cloud-based Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) automatically finds and blocks both known and unknown zero-day cyberthreats through ML, by enforcing protection mechanisms at all network connection points.
  • How centralised security policy can dynamically adapt to changing conditions in a volatile threat landscape.
  • How automated security policy enforcement can quarantine and remove users and/or devices without manual intervention.
  • How federated management of your LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi and branch networks mitigate risk
  • How AI-driven insights allow you to proactively troubleshoot and resolve issues from anywhere.

This event is now over. View the on-demand video below.